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Glass Blowing Artists

Glass Blowing has different technique for a glass artist. Someone make blown glass sculpture by glass blowing. A Glass artist Brenna Baker showing Glass blowing art. She is working with glass since her young age at 14 in New York. More

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24 Creative Street Art Masterpieces

We at Bright Side closely follow what’s going on in the world of street art. This time, our attention was caught by works in which reality and fantasy become one. Don’t trust your eyes! More

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Smoke Bombed

Earlier this summer, I had the idea of doing a shoot with smoke bombs! And, although the concept has been a bit overdone, it became something that I really wanted to try. So a few weeks ago I contacted a videographer friend of mine, Cole Stoughton, and the planning began! We found our amazing model, […] More

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Crispy Chicken Tacos with Avocado Buttermilk Ranch

Typically tacos contain shredded, diced, or ground meat, but I got the idea recently to make my taco filling in one big piece– by using chicken tenders. Now, before you’re like “Wow Morgan, what are you, 5 years old?” let me clarify that I’m talking about chicken tenders that are buttermilk brined and majorly amped […] More

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3 Perfect Looks Every Man Needs

The perfect look is characterized by having everything on fleek. Every minute detail is taken care of and you are the master of that look. There are three basic looks – casual look (for casual meet, a day out, gathering with friends etc.), formal look (for your office, meetings, formal events etc.) and finally a […] More

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