Photography Business

This may also be referred to as Commercial Photography, where photos and money exchange hands. This means that money may be paid for the subject of the photograph or the photograph itself. There are many fields where in photography may be used as a business tool. To mention some of these, we have documentary photography, food photography, photojournalism, travel photography, underwater photography, wildlife photography, fashion photography, still life photography, and advertising photography.

These are some types of photography that are under the commercial photography world and are widely used these days. The most common would be advertising photography, which a company would hire a photographer from and advertising agency or design firm to help them promote their products or services.

Second to that, we also have fashion and glamour photography which usually uses models. These two types of photography may sound alike, but they emphasize on different things. Fashion photography will mainly focus on the clothes or the product while glamour photography focuses on th model. These two types of photography is very popular in term of advertising and in men’s magazines.

Still life photography is also a good source of income to certain photographers. This type of photography usually depicts inanimate objects and locations which may be natural or man-made.