Hotel Photo Shoot

When you look at a brochure for a travel accommodation, do you notice which places are usually taken pictures of? Guests usually spend the most time in these areas. They are shown in the best way possible so people can imagine how it would be like to be there on their holiday.

1. Building – If it is in a nice location, you will surely see what the entire place will look like from afar. If it has equally magnificent structures nearby, it can definitely attract a lot of people since they would also want to see the neighbouring buildings as well. Right by the beach front is also a common location for a lot of accommodations. The beautiful water of the sea is a natural attraction since you can do a lot of fun stuff by the beach. Another nice subject for a great photo shot is the swimming pool.

2. Lobby – Guests will see this as soon as they set foot inside. This area has to be impressive since it will immediately give them the impression of how the rooms would be like. And that is why this area is often photographed as well.

3. Room – If it is possible, an image of the whole area will be taken. This is so tourists can see on the brochures what amenities to expect.

4. Other areas that you will always see taken pictures of and printed on advertising materials are the restaurant, gym and spa. These are definite wonderful additions that will surely get any travel lodging filled up with holidaymakers.