Food and Pets as Photography Models

Food Photography

There are some photographers who specialise in creating photographs of foods that seem to pop out and make our mouth water. These photographs may be available in cookbooks, food magazines as well as in printed adverts for food businesses. With proper lighting, composition, and angle, among other factors, photographers can create amazing photographs of food that effectively stimulate our appetites. However, not all foods we see in these amazing photographs are real. Sometimes, photographers have to use wax, which are sculptured and coloured as if to look like real food. Most often, the appearance of these wax sculptures are more effective in stimulating our appetite than real foods.

Pets as Photography Models

Using pets as models for photography sessions may provide interesting output. Pets are adorable to look at even when they project serious faces such as the pugs with wrinkled faces. However, shooting photographs of pets may be hard to do because unlike human models, you cannot instruct them to move their paws away or to turn their bodies a little to the right. Patience is necessary when taking photographs of pets because they often move around. Also, since you will have to find a great angle while your model pet is constantly moving around, you will have to free your surroundings of clutter or items that you do not want to capture in photos. Furthermore, you may want to include people that are special to your model pet as this method often provides interesting results.