7 Photograph great submissions of 2015 Sony World Photography Awards

1.A group of children play in the mud after playing football in Indonesia. (Alamsyah Rauf/2015 Sony World Photography Awards)

2.“Best Friends” by Santu Mondal, India Santu Mondal / 2015 Sony World Photography Awards / Via worldphoto.org

3.During the end of dry season in the Pantanal wetland, caimans concentrate in huge numbers along of the last remaining lakes still with fish. In these densely populated ponds they wait for the first rains of the wet season to start mating. (Luciano Candisani)

4.While sitting at Okaukuejo Waterhole in Etosha National Park, a massive herd of Elephants had come down to the waterhole for a drink. They provided ample photographic opportunities, with these two Bulls having a bit of a tussle, kicking up a lot of dust. (Seyms Brugger/2015 Sony World Photography Awards)

5.Children play in a blooming sunflower field. (Ritwick Dey/2015 Sony World Photography Awards)

6.King penguins live together in rookeries of thousands. This photo was taken in South Georgia below the Antarctic Convergence. (Lisa Vaz/2015 Sony World Photography Awards)

7.A Kazakh eagle hunter is captured in the Altai Mountain range in Western Mongolia. (Lisa Vas/2015 Sony World Photography Awards)