16 Things To Know, For No Reason In Particular

1.This is how sperm whales sleep.

Discovery Channel video:

2. This is how double decker buses are tested.
Bus tilt testing video:

3.This is what Mars would look like if it still had water.
Article from The Atlantic:

4. This is how zoologists weigh tiny birds.
The bird is a java sparrow and it's being weighed at Chester Zoo in England.

5. This is how snow is cleared off train tracks in Alaska.
These things have been around for awhile:

6. This is how wood chips are unloaded from trucks.
Video of this in action:

7. This is the first alligator with a prosthetic tail.
The alligator's name is "Mr. Stubbs."

8. This is how a starfish eats an anchovy.
Video of a starfish eating:

9. This is the inside of an Amazon warehouse.
This warehouse is in Wales.

10. This is tonic water under a blacklight.
Here's how to make glow in the dark drinks:

11. This is what Justin Bieber wore to meet the Prime Minister of Canada.
Justin Bieber explaining himself:

12.This is the largest K'nex ball machine.
Video of the machine in action:

13.This is how fish are fed at an aquarium.
At the Harbin Pole Aquarium.

14.This is what happens when a train does a "burnout."
The brakes are applied but the engine didn't get the signal.

15. This is a "snake worm" called an Amphisbaena.
Video of the thing in action:

16. If you cry in space, this is what it would look like.