Why Winning The Lottery Won’t Make You Happy

Here’s a question for you, what would really make you happy? Is it that new car you’ve always wanted, a big house, a beautiful spouse or as many people would answer, all the money you could ever want.

Many people think that just by having enough money to buy whatever they want can lead to happiness. Have you ever read those stories about lottery winners winning a huge jackpot wishing they had never won the lottery? Well, it might sound ridiculous to us but having so much money made their lives worse.

Here are a few reasons on just why winning the lottery won’t make you happy.

1.   Same Thoughts Different Circumstances

The huge increase to your bank account has allowed you to buy whatever you desire. So, picture yourself sitting in your large mansion in front of your 100” Plasma TV drinking one of the finest wines that has ever existed. What a difference to this time last week you may say. However, there is one thing that hasn’t changed, your thoughts.

Your thoughts are the only thing that can affect how you feel and ultimately your happiness. Unfortunately money will not change this.

The truth is that if you were an unhappy person before winning the lottery then chances are that you will still be unhappy after your big win.

2.   An Unhealthy Lifestyle

Money can allow people to throw some of the best parties around and live a life of decadence. This means that there is a wealth of opportunities to drink more and smoke more. Lottery winners often end up having worse lifestyles than before and end up with long term health problems.

The “lucky” winners suddenly have more money to spend on things which they may have liked to indulge in only occassionaly before their win such as alcohol, cigarettes and gambling. They also believe that they can pay their way out of any health problems by seeing the best doctors. Unfortunately, this does not hold true.

3.  Money Makes People Look at You Differently

People you have known your whole life will suddenly start to see you as their meal ticket. If you start saying yes to some people and no to others, a lot of people will start to resent you.

Not only this, but due to your new found wealth people will always expect more and more money just because you can afford to give it to them. When you have money, it starts to become very hard to say no to people.

4.  Where’s the Drive?

Most people like to have a reason to get up in the morning and feel like they are achieving something in their day. All of a sudden you find that you can sleep in until midday everyday and spend the day however you see fit.

However, while this may sound great in reality it is not. Sudden wealth means a loss of ambition and drive. I’m finally a millionaire so now what? a lottery winner may ask. Boredom at times can be a good thing and can provide the catalyst  for many creative endeavours, but more often than not, it can also lead to a slippey slope when you have so much money.

5.   You Feel As If You Don’t Deserve the Money

Let’s face it lottery winners get extremely lucky to win the jackpot. The odds are an astronomical 1 in 116 million depending on which game you play. They didn’t exactly have to suffer through blood, sweat and tears for that £1 ticket. This is why a third of lottery winners end up squandering all of their money after 5 years.

A person who has built up a successful company over the years through nothing but hard work and determination tends to invest the money wisely. They worked so hard for it so inevitably they want to look after it. This is their reward for all the years of sacrifice. A lottery winner on the other hand, subconsciously sees this money as something they never really deserved so they will tend to squander it all living the good life for a few years.