What We Can Learn From Frank – The Happy Homeless Person

Everyone wants to be successful. We want our friends and family to see us as being a success in life. We even want complete strangers; people who we will never get to know nor see again to think that we are successful.

The problem with success is that it does not have a universal definition; reaching a certain figure in your bank account does not equal success, nor does being CEO of a company.

Success can only be defined by you.

Your definition of success might be something completely different to someone else’s definition. You might define success as raising a happy family; your neighbour on the other hand might define success as owning a Ferrari.  Personally, I define success as happiness.

Look at Frank; the happy homeless person. No one would label him as being a “successful person” but just look at how happy he is. Look at that genuine wide eyed smile. We can all learn something from Frank.

Money and the amount of possessions someone has are widely considered as the two things to judge success by. Frank would disagree with this.

Success = Money

Success is not money. Everyone knows one person who earns a lot more money than them. But at what cost? Working a 70 hour work filled with stress at the sacrifice of a social and family life does not sound like success to me.

Success = Possessions

Sometimes we think that we have to acquire as many possessions as possible to display our social status . We treat acquiring possessions like a game, whoever has the most wins. But it is a never ending game, we are always looking to buy the next thing that can prove how “successful” we are to the world. Possessions might be nice to look at or play with but they do not offer happiness.

Success = Happiness

You might think I’m crazy but I think Frank is a very successful person. How many people could genuinely be happy with being homeless?

In my eyes, happiness is the only way to measure success. If you are happy then you are successful. You have succeeded in the hardest part of life. No amount of money or possessions can make somebody happy. Happiness can not be bought. That is why people who are happy are the real successes in life.