How to Deal With Failure – 8 Steps You Must Take

So you want to be successful do you? Then you better learn how to deal with failure.

Every single successful person has had more failures than successes. On your path to success you will come across failure. It is inevitable.

Most people would give up at the first sign of failure, and as a result, never end up successful. Make sure you are in the minority; those who will never give up and will continue to strive for success.

Here are 8 steps you must take to deal with failure

1.  Acknowledge that you did the best you could with the skills, knowledge and time you had.

2.  Acknowledge that you are still standing. You survived. This proves that you can cope with the consequences or results that failure brings.

3.  Write down everything you learned from the experience. Get out a piece of paper and title it “Lessons Learned from Failure.” Read through this list often.

Title another piece of paper, “Ways to Do It Better Next Time.” Ask your family, friends, clients, employees and others for their input. Again, read through this list often to maximise your chances of success next time.

4.  Thank everyone for their feedback; they will be more inclined to give you feedback when you next ask. Take in the feedback, use whatever is applicable and valuable for the future, and discard the rest.

5.  Do not hide from the failure. Clean up any messes which might have been created and talk to the people you owe an explanation to.

6.  Go back and review all your successes. This will reassure you that you are more than capable of success and that you deserve it.

7.  Spend time with family and friends- the people who make you feel good in life. These people can reaffirm your worth and give you the confidence to keep on trying. They will act as your inspiration.

8.  Refocus on your vision. Incorporate the lessons learned, recommit to your original plan, or create a new plan of action, and then get on with it.

Realise that you will make a lot of mistakes on your path to success. When mistakes or failures occur, pick yourself up and continue your journey until you have reached your goals.