A Healthy Relationship – Are You in One?

Healthy relationships, from acquaintances to romances, have the potential to enrich and add enjoyment to our lives. However, these same relationships can also cause a great deal of frustration and discomfort as well.

While a perfect relationship does not exist, a healthy relationship does.

What Makes a Healthy Relationship?


One of the most fundamental relationship problems is selfishness. In relationship terms, this is when one person focuses more on receiving than giving. Both parties should see the relationship as an opportunity to give rather than an opportunity to receive. The willingness to give is a paramount concept in healthy relationships.

Willingness to Change

While no-one should completely change who they fundamentally are just to make the other person happy, a person should look to continuously grow. A healthy relationship contains two people who can see and understand the other person’s flaws, but the same two people are willing to help each other and change these flaws.

Willingness to Admit Mistakes

In a healthy relationship, both parties aren’t afraid to admit mistakes. Rather than being defensive, the couple are able to openly admit the mistakes they make. Better yet, they work together to correct the mistakes. This, of course, can be difficult as pride often gets in the way – it takes humbleness to be willing to admit mistakes.

Support Each Other

Both parties in a relationship must support each other when either is facing difficulties. While listening is a good start, the combination of listening and support is even better. By supporting each other, a problem or situation seemingly becomes easier to face and deal with. After all, isn’t that what a relationship is all about? – Having someone who is there through everything, good or bad?


One of the most basic relationship problems is the element of misunderstanding. That is why it is vital for both sides to be open to each other. When there is something that one person does not like, this person should communicate it to their partner instead of keeping it secret. Of course, this should also be done in a respectful way in order not to offend the other person.


A lack of trust is one of the most commonly cited reasons for a break up. A healthy relationship contains two people who act in line with what they say and think – not one. Both are able to keep their promises and stay faithful, regardless of temptation or the huge argument which just transpired.

Happy Time Spent Together

Some couples spend every waking moment with each other, while others are content with spending less time with each other. Many people associate a happy relationship with the amount of time spent together – this thinking is flawed. More time together does not equate to a more intimate or meaningful relationship. The only thing that is important is whether the time spent together makes each person happy, not the amount of time in each other’s company.