1 Simple Trick to Get Over Your Fears & Achieve Your Goals

It is extremely rare to find a person who has no fears, or has already achieved all their goals. A person can fear almost anything. From the most obscure of phobias -nomatophobia (a fear of names), to the most common – arachnophobia (a fear of spiders), and my personal favourite due to the irony – phobophobia  ( a fear of developing a phobia).

Everyone has goals that they would like to achieve, from making more money and losing weight, to simply becoming a nicer person.

It doesn’t matter what the fears are, or what the goals are that you want to achieve. Nor does it matter how big or small they are. There is nothing quite like the satisfaction that conquering a fear or achieving a goal brings. It feels good when you set your mind to something and achieve it. It is a real sense of accomplishment.

However, more often than, not we find it difficult to achieve our goals and conquer our fears. We wish that there was a simple way. Try using this tip I discovered.

Where I Learned This Tip

I first discovered this tip whilst at college. Most nights were spent in the college bar. As any horny college student knows, there is only one thing that is on the mind (apart from studying of course!).

Some people tried to tell me that using this tip was unethical. I would always challenge that point of view with, “Why? What is so unethical about a shy person wanting to overcome his shyness and meet more girls?”

While it is true that it all began with trying to go home with a girl. It evolved into something much more. We were using this simple tip to improve our grades, win more sport matches, and become an all round better person.

Why It Works

Most college students are poor. Paying for accommodation, tuition and textbooks doesn’t leave much money for social activities. If money was involved, then all of a sudden, we were much more motivated to achieve our goals and get over our fears. Money acts as the best incentive for the majority of people, whatever their age (especially for a poor college student).

The Simple Tip

Visit a friend or family member
Tell the person what your fears are, or what goals you are trying to achieve
Give the person $50 (or however much you think will motivate you)
Tell the person not to give this money back to you until you gotten over your fear or achieved your goal
Optional -  Turn it into a competition, where the first person to get over their fear or achieve their goal, gets to keep the money

That is it. It really is that simple

Most people don’t want to try this because they know that they will be $50 out of pocket if they don’t succeed.

That is the whole point!

If you know that money is at stake (especially your own), then you will stay motivated and won’t give up.

Giving up is the only reason you are unable to get over your fears  or achieve your goals. I am 100% confident that if you never give up, you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. Staying motivated is the hard part.