Robot Bartender at Google’s I/O, Skynet Online!

Say hello to my little friend, Makr Shakr, aka the Robot Bartender. This is a weird sounding name, I give you that. But it has a reason, Makr is a weird gadget. If you are thinking about making yourself a career as a bartender, you should reconsider. At least, read this piece and make a decision after.

As you may know, Google’s I/O conference is taking place this week in San Francisco.  And Makr Shakr is a bartender that serves drinks to the delegates attending the conference. The only difference between your regular Joe serving drinks and Makr is that Makr is a true-blue robot.

Yes, you read that right. Robots are creeping into our lives and take away our jobs, just ask the Chinese from Foxconn! Skynet is here, hide the women and children.

Well, hold your horses, it’s not here just yet. Makr is actually a weird looking gizmo with three robotic arms, used to shake your cocktails, just like your best friend, Joe the bartender, when he makes you a Sea Breeze, or whatever you fancy.

Makr’s brain consists of an app which tells him what your order is, so you can create your own cocktails, even if they are not on the menu. So much for being creative, I predict the rise of Cocktail Artists and Cocktail Designers in the near future, and these will be real jobs folks, nine to five.

Robot Bartender The Story Unveiled

The robot bartender project was developed by the MIT’s Senseable City Lab, the director taking care of the business, Mr. Carlo Ratti described it as, let me quote him:

“Makr Shakr is a great example of how digital technologies are changing the interaction between people and products. The system explores the new dynamics of social creation and consumption – ‘design, make and enjoy’ – allowing users to design their own cocktail creations, while digitally controlled machines transform these designs into reality.”

The purpose of the project is to create a bond between human and machine and also a “bottom-up bar culture”, as they put it. With the help of the robot bartender, consumers will be able to explore all kinds of weird drinks without feeling embarrassed, they also can share recipes and learn from each other’s experiences, good or bad. As for now, we don’t know if the robot bartender is a fast “mixer”, I just hope that it is faster than Tom Cruise in that movie, “Bartender”. In case you’ve missed it, you should take a look and remember the days when a flesh and blood creature was in charge of spitting in your drinks. Just kidding, maybe.

The robot bartender was designed to mix your cocktails with a twist of elegance, as its movements were inspired by a well known ballet dancer, Roberto Bolle, a main perfomer  at the American Ballet Theatre.

The robot bartender project was sponsored by Coca Cola and, of course, Bacardi.