New HTC One Phone Rumored, Featuring a Larger 5+Inches Display

We all heard about, and maybe secretly desired, the HTC  One smartphone, now a new HTC One Phone is rumored , this time featuring a bigger, brighter screen, of up to 6 inches wide.

HTC One is the current flagship of the Taiwanese company, rivaling with big names in the industry,like iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4. It came in a delicate moment for the company, as HTC faces harsh time. Its executives are migrating to other companies and even the launching of the new HTC One smartphone was plagued by misfortunes. They had serious trouble with shipping the new HTC One Phone, due to shortages in supply of crucial parts, like chassis (the new HTC One Phone has a unibody made entirely of aluminum) and camera sensors.

The demand from the customers was high, and on some markets there were waiting lists for the gizmo. Eventually, HTC managed to sort things out and fixed the problems. Just 2 days ago, HTC’s CEO bragged about reaching and topping 5 million units sold of the new HTC One Phone.

Things are going better, apparently, for the Taiwanese. When looking at that 5 million units sold figure, we must bear in mind that Samsung Galaxy S4 sold in over 10 million units in the first month of its launching, but that’s another discussion.

Now, it looks like HTC is trying to coin from the success of their new HTC One Phone, and that’s perfectly understandable. They are planning o do that, “they say”, by launching variants of the model, some higher end, some downgraded, in order to increase sales and also its popularity. This is a strategy brought to perfection by Samsung, they have like millions of Galaxy models, now HTC looks like it’s giving it a shot.

HTC One Phone-The Theory

So, getting back to our topic, rumors surfaced about a new HTC One phone version, with a screen size of up to 6 inches. There are no technical details about the software or the tech platform, it is supposed to be just like in the “Classic” variant, but that remains to be seen.

There is no confirmation of the rumor, but if materialized, it should be this summer. This is not the first rumor about a new HTC One phone.

Yesterday, at Google’s I/O developer’s conference, there were discussions about a HTC One running on a pure Android OS, without the HTC’s in house made Sense User Interface, just like Samsung did with the Galaxy S4 Google Edition. The S4 Google Edition will be launched initially for the US market only and it will run on pure Android, without Samsung’s custom software and interface, in order to save internal memory space. It looks like HTC is working on the same thing. Actually, Google’s own Hugo Barra mentioned the HTC One in the I/O developer’s conference, in the  keynote presentation, right before presenting the S4 Google Edition, so this rumor looks to be very plausible.

There was another rumor about a new HTC One phone, this time about a smaller, downgraded version of the company flagship. This low-end HTC One is code-named M4 and comes with a smaller display, of only 4.3 inches. The CPU was downgraded also, from a quad-core to a dual core, the screen resolution is only 720p and features an Ultra Pixel camera.