At least 10% of Facebook Users Number are Non Human

Yeah, you got that right: according to a study, at least 10% of Facebook users number are not human beings. There are over one billion active Facebook users in the world and the number is growing fast.

At least 10 percent of them are pets, brands, corporations, you name it. Among the non human celebrities is Mark Zuckerberg’s pet, a dog named Beast, and this dog is followed by 1.5 million people. At least, I think they’re people, my cat doesn’t know how to follow other cats on Facebook, but one day, who knows?

Facebook users number continues to grow steadily, the fastest growth takes place in India,Brazil, Russia and the Middle Earth East, apparently in the developing countries, where the number of people accessing the internet is increasing fast.

To confirm my theory, the slowest growth of Facebook users number takes place in Western Europe and North America. In the US and UK, half of the population live partially on Facebook, i.e. they do have an account. Even with these impressive numbers, there is a fear from investors that young people are losing interest in Facebook. What can I say, get real folks, what do you think, they will start reading books or they will get back on mIRC? No way, Facebook is here to stay, my grandmother has a Facebook account and I am considering making one for my dog, he looks lonely and sad.

A market analytics company, namely eMarketer, conducted a study which revealed that “only” 889.3 million of the 1 billion registered Facebook accounts are real people. So, the Facebook users number is “cooked”, you may say. Another internet marketer research company, Quartz, says that Facebook users number is actually 1.11 billion, but among these, there are aliens, dogs and the like. We must wait until 2014 to have 1.11 billion human users on Facebook, they say.

In the developing countries, a 30% growth in Facebook users number is expected for 2013, for the “civilized” world, Facebook looks like it lost a part of its magic. In Europe, only 37% of the population actively uses Facebook, the less enthusiastic are the Germans, as you can imagine. They prefer to build Mercedes and BMW cars, instead of laughing at lolcats on Facebook. What can I say, their loss!

eMarketer looked into the crystal bowl and predicted that 55% of internet users will use Facebook until 2017, as 42.6% are using it as we speak.

In the US, 46.6% of Facebook users number are going online playing Bubbles and Farmville at least once a month, while chit-chatting with the neighbor’s jailbait. In Latin America, the figure is about 30%, while the least passionate about social networking seem to be the Middle East countries, Asia (people also work there and in China, Facebook is evil) and Asia Pacific. Because of these people we can’t have nice figures, they drag down the Facebook penetration rate world wide to 15.4 %, shame on you!

According to eMarketer, 63% of Facebook users number will enter the social network at least one a month in 2013. In Asian countries like Japan, China and South Korea(the good Korea), people used local social networking websites, now that we have Facebook, there is room to grow, as they are going global. (p.s. do you remember hi5? because I can’t).

Facebook Users Number-Conclusion

Until 2017, Facebook will rule the social network battlefield with almost 70% market share worldwide. To me, these numbers look pretty cool, but for investors, somehow, they look like “the teenagers are losing interest”. Yeah, and people will start buying Pepsi instead of Coca Cola, right.

To make things more hilarious, the same big brained “investors” fear that teenagers will move to Twitter, instead of Facebook. Which is a Tweeter in itself. The geniuses at the Financial Times are speculating that teenagers will no longer see Facebook as being “cool” anymore. Right. Next what, buy stock in Apple?