An Assortment of Famous Attractions

The world is truly filled with places that will leave you in awe! If you are one of those people seeking for adventures in life through travels, check your list if you have visited some of these places dubbed as the wonders of the world. Or if you have not, include this list in your next holiday. This will guide you in your search for that experience of a lifetime!

  • The Golden Temple in India – One of the oldest worship places in the world, it is considered sacred and holy and symbolises beauty and peace. It is said that Buddha spent his time in this temple during his search for the true meaning of life.
  • Angel Falls in Venezuela – Because of its stunning height, the water vaporises even before it reaches the ground, thus it is considered the highest waterfall in the world.
  • The New York Skyline – Known to be the busiest city in the world, it is also widely visited because of its line of skyscrapers and tall buildings. People who visit the US usually go to this place first.
  • China’s Temple of Heaven – Its concept is a combination of both religious and philosophical aspects. The place is truly historical because it is visited by dynasties during annual ceremonies.
  • Portofino in Italy – The place is famous for people who love fishing and is also a popular spot for fun and relaxation among Hollywood stars!
  • St. Peters Basilica in Rome – This is the place where many popes are buried including St. Peter himself, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus. It is a major attraction among tourists and pilgrims alike.